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Sow in groups of 3 seeds with 1 to 1.5 metres between groups or in a continuous row with 30 to 45 cm between each plant.Plenty of food and water is essential. Cantaloupes must be left to ripen on vine until the stem comes away at the slightest touch. Harvest Watermelons when the fruit surface becomes uneven when rubbed lightly with the palm. Additionally, the spot where the fruit lays on the ground changes from white to a cream colour. Sow in mid to late spring (cold): spring and early summer (temp): July to February (trop). Best not transplanted.
Soil temperature must be at least 20 deg.C. at sowing. Do not sow more than 2 cm. deep.

CANTALOUPE and ROCKMELON (Cucumis melo).


1623: Hales Imperial

A high quality melon with firm orange flesh and fine flavour. Resists Powdery mildew.

Sorry, this product is sold out for 2021.


1624: Honey Dew

Delicious melons with large fruit and thick green flesh, but as they are slow growing, are only suitable for warm and hot areas.


1625: Southern Sweet

A Cantaloupe of our own breeding that reliably matures in cooler areas. Fruit are small to medium size, very sweet and reliable. Best sown late October/early November in cool districts. Packets only.


WATERMELON Citrullus lanatus).


1640: Candy Red

Combines top quality with resistance to Anthracnose and Fusarium wilt. The sweet flesh is thick, the fruit long and weighs 8-12 kg.


1641: Kruger Hybrid

Elongated blocky fruit, typically 9 kg. Resistance to Fusarium Wilt and Anthracnose. Good colour and taste.


1642: Kryptonite Seedless Hybrid

Sweet round seedless fruit with dark skin. Intensely red flesh with excellent sweet flavour. Fruit typically 10kg with crisp dark red flesh. We include Kruger as a pollinator. Note: The pollinator produces an elongated fruit with seeds.


1644: Sugar Baby

The best of the small watermelons. Ripens well in cooler districts but also suits the warmer areas. Flesh medium red and finely textured. Has dark green, thin hard rind. Weighs 3-4 kg.


PRESERVING MELON: (Citrullus lanatus citroides).

Jam Recipes included!


1660: Citron Red Seeded

An old favourite widely used for jam and pies. Does well even in cooler climates. Looks like a round watermelon.