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Green Manure or Cover Crops


Green Manure Crops are very useful in maintaining soil health, adding organic material, some add atmospheric nitrogen to the soil, and they help improve soil structure. These crops are best dug under around 1 month before a following crop is planted to allow adequate time for decomposition, or they should be dug in as the plants begin to flower. Feed with manures and fertilisers for best growth and to obtain maximum bulk for turning in or composting. Most will grow at any time, but are usually sown in autumn after summer crops have been harvested.


4610: 0ats

An excellent green Manure crop for growing over the cooler periods. 1 kg sows approx 100 sq. metres.


4608: Dun Peas

Versatile field pea that grows well in cooler weather, adding nitrogen and organic matter on decomposition. 1 kg. sows approx 100 sq. metres. NOT TO TASMANIA.


4600: Lupins

Adds organic matter and atmospheric nitrogen to the soil. Best sown February and March in southern Victoria, early autumn and early spring in warm areas. Will thrive in strongly acid soils. 1 kg. Sows approx 70 sq. metres.


4605: Mixed Green Manure

Equal quantities of our Green Manure crops premixed to suit smaller areas. DOES NOT CONTAIN LUPINS as Lupins have a restricted sowing season. 1 kg sows approx 75 sq. metres. NOT TO TASMANIA.


4603: Ryecorn

A cereal that grows well in even the coldest weather. Adds good quantity of organic matter to soils and is slow to break down, a particularly useful feature in sandy soils. 1 kg. sows approx 100 sq. metres.


4606: Tic Beans

An excellent nitrogen fixer. Plants break down quickly. 1 kg sows approx 60 sq. metres.