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#1091 : Detroit Dark Red

Beet Seeds
BEETROOT (Red Beet):
Improved globe shaped strain with dark red colour, free from white rings. Best of the Globe varieties.

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#1055: Royal Burgundy

Beans (French)
Bush Purple Podded

Excellent round stringless pods with good yields of beautiful purple pods typically 17cm long. Becomes green when cooked.


#1116: Perpetual Spinach Beet

Beet Seeds
SILVER BEET (Chard or Spinach Beet):

This true Silverbeet is a favourite for taste. Leaves are smaller and less crinkled than regular varietiest, looking like large Spinach leaves. Can be picked over a long period.

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#1097: Bulls Blood

Beet Seeds
BEETROOT (Red Beet):

Deep Burgundy leaves with attractive zoned roots when sliced. Leaves are superb for leafy mixes, while the roots are tasty as baby beets or when larger.