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Your search must contain more than three letters.

You will get best results if you limit your search terms to 1-3 words - don't forget you can change the category you search within to narrow down your results.

Not only can you enter in words, but if you have a product code handy (say, from the printed catalogue) you can enter that in also to make it easier to find products directly.

Quick Catalogue

The purpose of this page is to give an expanded "quick view" of our online catalogue.

The wide coloured headings correspond to the main categories in our catalogue (ie Vegetable Seeds, Herb Seeds, Books etc). You can click on these headings to go to the category page - if you click on Vegetable Seeds you would be taken to a page that lists all the different types of vegetable seeds we offer.

The sub-categories are listed below these headings (under Vegetable Seeds for instance are: Asparagus, Beans, Carrots etc.). Clicking on these take you to the sub-category page, where for instance all our carrots are listed.

You will find that the search bar is available on this page also.

Item confirmation

After you have added an item to your cart, you will be taken to the confirmation page - it just repeats which item you choose, it's quantity and price.

To the right you will notice four buttons:

  1. The top button takes you back to the sub-category you where in before adding the item to your cart
  2. The second button takes you back to the category you where in before adding the item to your cart
  3. The button labelled "Shopping Cart" will take you to a listing of all the items in your cart, along with shipping costs, any fees or discounts, and the total value of your order.

  4. The last button, labelled "Check-out" will take you directly to the check-out page - where you can complete your order.

Shopping Cart

To remove items from your shopping cart, click on the check-box next to the item you want removed and then press the "Remove Selected Items". You can select more than one at a time, and if you wish to clear them all you can use the "Select All" button.

If you want to alter the quantity of one of the items, click on it's description/title - then modify your order and click the "update" button.

The minimum order value is $15.00, so if your shopping cart total is under $15.00 you will be charged a Small Order Surcharge to make up the difference.

When you are ready to complete your order, click the "Proceed to Check-out" button.


Fill out your details as accurately as possible to ensure we can handle your order promptly.

IMPORTANT: Clicking the "Finalise" button will process your order and take you to the receipt page. After your order is successfully processed, your shopping cart's contents will be cleared.

Your Receipt

After correctly filling out and submitting the checkout form you will be taken to your "receipt" - which is a record of your order made through

You can print it out or save it to your computer for your personal records - which we strongly recommend. The orange notice on the top of the page will not appear in your printed copy.