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Climatic Information

This information is included as a general guide only to assist with planning and to help avoid disappointment.

Sowing or planting times mentioned in this catalogue refer to the three main climatic zones in Australia, namely:

  1. Cold (C)
  2. Temperate (Temp.)
  3. Tropical or Subtropical (Trop.)

The timing of first and last frosts often determines the planting season more than the actual climatic zone. In tropical areas factors other than temperature may limit the suitability of some crops in particular seasons.


All of Tasmania and all of southern Victoria, south of and including the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, extending west across the state from Bendigo into S.E. South Australia. The cold zone follows the Great Dividing Range through N.S.W. , into southern Queensland as far north as Dalby. Spring in cold areas usually refers to October and November.


The coastal area of N.S.W. , as far north as Kempsey or Coffs Harbour, and including the inland areas of N.S.W. , northern Victoria, all of South Australia and the southern half of Western Australia. Inland Queensland west of Dalby.


Coastal N.S.W north of Coffs Harbour, most of Queensland and the Northern Territory, and the northern parts of Western Australia. Tropical areas do not have frosts.